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When you think of the United States of America (U.S.A), many iconic things come to mind – from towering metropolitan skyscrapers in New York, the excitement of Silicon Valley, to the vast natural landscapes of the Grand Canyon.

The possibilities are endless in the United States, which is why it continues to attract immigrants and expats alike for decades. From its vibrant economy, career opportunities, the diverse communities, and plenty of opportunities to sightsee, it is clear why it has been a top destination for expats even till this day.

Area: 3,796,742 sq miles (9,833,520 km2)

Population: 328.2 million (2019 estimate)

Capital: Washington D.C

Washington D.C, Hanna Khanenia on Unsplash

National anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner

Government type: Federal presidential constitutional republic

Languages: English

Religion: Diverse, with Christianity (Protestantism and Catholicism) being the main majority, followed by No Religion (26%) and a mix of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and others.

Ethnic Groups:

Climate: Experiences a wide variety of climate given its huge land mass (depends on the city you are looking at!)– but mostly a continental climate where winters get really cold and summers really hot. There are however a few exceptions like Florida and other parts on the West Coast.

Currency: United States dollar (USD)

Expat Population: 47 million (largest in the world)

Taboos: The diversity of the American population result in not many things or topics to be considered taboo with a few exceptions. Eating animals like dogs, cats and horses are frowned upon in and not tipping at service establishments are considered big boo boos.

Cultural behaviour

The United States of America, or more commonly called “U.S”, “U.S.A” or “the States”, is a nation with a long, storied history filled with plenty of ups and downs. From the Revolutionary War which founded the country it, to the Economic boom in the roaring twenties and to becoming the world’s economic and political superpower we are all familiar with.

America, long termed the melting pot of the world, has seen plenty of immigrants and expats from all over the world joining their workforces, some even putting their roots down and building their new homes. Under the previous Trump administration, there were waves of anti-foreign sentiments due to fear of competition for jobs, but that is hopefully put to rest with a new president in the White House.

Human Development Index (HDI): Ranked 17 in the world

Cost of Living: As with most large metropolitan cities, New York ranked 6th most expensive in the world, is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, with an insanely competitive housing market. However, as you move further away from these populous areas, you will find cost of living being a lot more reasonable in states like Alabama, Iowa and Ohio.





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