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Banking and Establishing Credit in the U.S as an Expat 

Moving abroad is not easy. There are many challenges and learning curves when becoming an expat and banking is one of them. Upon arriving in the U.S you will need to establish credit. Just because you had credit in your home country does not mean it will cross-over to your…

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The Uncommon But Useful Apps Used In The US

With big retail and tech companies like Amazon and Facebook founded in the USA, it is no surprise that app development there has to be advanced and innovative to keep up with the market. These apps are mainly designed for convenience, productivity, and entertainment.   This productivity app could be...

What is the difference between expat and immigrant?

Expat vs immigrant – people often confuse the words expats and immigrants with each other. Like everybody else, I also didn’t know the difference between expats and immigrants until my father refused an offer to be an expat in another country. It is a bit shameful to admit that as...

Health Insurance for Expats in the US

If you don’t have health insurance becoming ill or injured in a new country can be stressful, overwhelming, and expensive. The healthcare system in the US is unique as the nation does not have a universal healthcare system. This means that if you are not insured, you could be left...

Best Countries for Expat Families: 6 Destinations Great For Raising Kids

Making the decision to relocate for work as an expat is never easy. And with expat families, even more complexities come into play. From picking a destination that can provide a good quality of education to the availability of good children’s healthcare, there are so many more factors to consider...

How to open a bank account and apply for a credit card in Canada

Cаnаdа iѕ a lоvеlу place to work, study, аnd live. Aѕ an expat/nomad in Cаnаdа, getting a bank ассоunt iѕ one of thе mоѕt bеnеfiсiаl thingѕ you can do for your finаnсеѕ bесаuѕе mоѕt employers will еithеr pay you by direct dероѕit into a bank ассоunt or write you a...

Taxation for Expats – Tips Before Moving Abroad (US Perspective)

Making the decision to move your entire life abroad can be a stressful and manic process. There are a whole host of things which American citizens need to consider when they make another country their home. One of the most important things is how you will handle your taxes. While...

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