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14 Most Popular Middle Eastern Foods You Should Not Miss Out On

The past decade has seen Middle Eastern cuisine’s global popularity skyrocket – and for good reason. It is rich, wholesome, refreshing, and healthy all packed into one, and you would be missing out if you didn’t try it. You’ll find fewer things tastier in the world than a plate of…

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Cost of Living in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE), located in Western Asia, is an attractive destination for many expats. The UAE is made up of 7 different emirates, with Dubai being the most expensive. The cost of living in the UAE is relatively high, depending on where you choose to live in. Before moving...

How to Get Health Insurance as an Expat

Other than numerous critical reasons, not only is medical insurance a legal requirement, but one of the most essential needs for medical insurance is that immigration authorities might check your proof of health insurance before letting you cross the borders; for example, certain visa types in the UK and Thailand...

Types of Visas in Israel and How To Apply

DO I NEED A VISA TO GO TO ISRAEL? Hey, good news! Israel grants visa-free travel to the states in which it has good relations. By this, the answer to the query on whether a person needs a visa to go to Israel is simple− it depends. On one hand,...

Apps You Want To Have In Tel-Aviv

When you get to Tel-Aviv, or Israel in general, if you want to make your stay as comfy and as easy as possible. For that, you might want to install a few apps, to make life easier and all interactions and transportation as efficient and comfortable as possible. Here is...

How to open a bank account and apply for a credit card in the UAE

The rapid evolution of the UAE is not new to anyone; even around 40 years back, UAE didn’t have even its currency, but now it is a global financial hub. In GCC, the banking sector is considered one of the most significant assets in the UAE. It merges around the...

Do’s and Don’ts; Tips for Newcomers to United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Are you planning on visiting the UAE for the first time? Have you ever thought as an Expat or Nomad to learn the United Arab Emirates etiquette and values? Do you want to know how you can show respect to locals and gain their respect back? This article will give...

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