About Us


We are a consortium of passionate writers, thoughtfully curated from all corners of the world. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. No place is devoid of beauty and magnificence. Rather, it is up to us as inhabitants of this enchanting world, to seek meaningful experiences and find blessings.

That is who we are. A community of avid travellers, nomads and expatriates who have travelled the world and enjoyed every last second of our divergent, but equally sublime paths. We believe we have an amazing story, or stories, to tell. We are a journeyed community, eager to share our sincere love for the world, and the countless unique cultures that make it up. Despite this shared motivation, we could not be any different. We come from all over the world, keen to contribute with our own little meaningful stories. As long as our stories or articles helps someone in need, that would be all the satisfaction we need.




We are proponents of the global citizen ideal. We believe that everybody should be free to travel and explore the world, free from the man-made constraints of geographical territories. Only through self-exploration and personal experience can one truly understand where they belong, where they feel at ease and where the place they can call home is. Taking that first step while exciting is understandably daunting.

Through the sharing of helpful information and personal anecdotes, we strive to help our fellow expats and nomads wishing to relocate identify their wants and needs, aligning them with suitable locations. We will help excited relocators through the quality provision of required information such as how to get a work permit or residence pass, how to open a bank account, what apps are helpful in the different countries and the dos and don’ts to finding accommodations. We will also share more relaxing articles such as where to find the best food and the most exciting places to visit.

Most importantly, we aim to create a loving and engaging community where participants volunteer helpful information to others and comment on articles with their personal experiences in the name of helping another citizen of the world.