App Choices Used by Prime European Cities

April 22 , 2021 by: Leah Martin

Essential apps like weather, online banking, and transportation are similar between countries, but some apps such as shopping still vary a little between European countries. Each country has its hot spots and practices favored by locals. As the population evolves to use technology, numerous apps are developed to suit the local culture and habits.

Church Cathedral, Rome on Pixabay

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, be sure to taste the city’s palatable dishes through Eat Italy. It is updated by a well-known food and travel writer, Elizabeth Minchilli. You have access to restaurant reviews, images, and food advice so that it is easier to pick a restaurant that suits your dietary preferences or food choice. Subito. It is an online Italian marketplace used by the locals to sell their products. Most official online shopping platform have no messaging services, but subito allows the user to message the seller. Hence, it might be easier to communicate and bargain prices with the seller.

Elevators. Berlin on Pixabay

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital city of Germany is known for the diverse culture and eclectic artwork. BVG Farinfo: route planner is the official app of the Berlin public transport system. With current traffic conditions taken into consideration, it helps you plan the fastest route to get to your destination. Berghain is one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, and it’s hard to get into due to the culture of it. Before entering, one has to go through the bouncers at the front of the line. They scan and select guests at the door to ensure people who enter understand the hedonistic, open-minded culture. A web app, Berghaintrainer which ‘trains’ you online by analyzing your body language via webcam, thereby takes you through the bouncer experience virtually. Hopefully, the training eases your process for entering the club.

Louvre Museum, Paris on Pixabay

Paris, France

BlaBlaCar is widely used in France. It is an online platform that connects drivers and passengers that are heading in the same direction. Suppose if you have extra passenger seats, just enter your pick-up point and destination. Passengers will book and pay online. On the other hand, passengers enter their destination and departure information. Paris, one of the fashion capital cities of the world has the best street styles. One can look effortlessly chic on a budget with Leboncoin. The French sell their second-hand items on this online platform. It has all the goods and services you can think of, like clothing, finding a contractor, or renting a room for vacation in France.

Amsterdam canal by Mabel Amber on Pixabay

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has dedicated bike lanes and is rated the world’s second-most bike-friendly city, behind Denmark. Jump by Uber, allows you to rent their bikes on the app. Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it, then open the cable lock and you’re free to explore. The bikes can be rented in the Uber app, so you don’t have to download another app or account. If you’re worried or notice any bike problems, enter your location and problem in FlatTire. In a few moments, the crew members will come to assist you and you are ready to go again. Besides cycling around the streets, one might be interested in the city’s culture as well. TicketSwap is a platform that allows the purchase and selling of e-tickets for concerts, festivals, theatre, and even sports events. Through verification processes and collaborations, the user is protected from fraud and overprice. Photo sharing with your family and friends is much easier with WeTransfer. Simply type in your and the recipient’s e-mail address, attach the file(s) and send. Two gigabytes of file size are free for you; the paid version allows up to 20 gigabytes plus an option to add passwords for files. The headquarters of the latter two apps are in Amsterdam as the founders are locals, thus it’s popular among locals.


Don Quixote statue, Mardid, by Carabo on Pixabay

Madrid, Spain

As long as you reside in Madrid and are aged between 14 and 30 years old, you are eligible for Carne Joven Madrid (Youth Card) in the [Passbook] app for iOS and PassWallet for Android. It offers multiple discounts and services, like free courses, discounted transport, and accommodation. This app collaborates with over 2000 member entities and is approved by the EYCA (European Youth Card Association). Generally, the Spanish are sociable and benign. One might enjoy more perks using the Nextdoor app. It allows you to connect with your neighbors to communicate and share local tips, get offers on second-hand items, and many more. All neighbors in the app are verified, however, it is still best not to disclose too much information for safety reasons.

Historic Center, Zurich, by JonnyHacker on Pixabay

Zurich, Switzerland

It is no wonder that Switzerland is one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the world. The country has an app that helps maintain its reputation. Sauberes Zurich contains information on the disposal of wastes economically and ecologically. It offers a customized reminder of the next garbage collection times, so you won’t miss out on the schedule. Besides, it is recognized as a financial hub due to the large presence of financial institutions. The PostFinance TWINT app is a digital wallet. The app can be used for online payments, checkout, machines, and even parking meters. Moreover, you can store your all your cards and coupons so that it’s easily accessible when needed. To use the app, you only need a PostFinance account. Visit the nearest PostFinance bank to open an account, then log in on the app and the ‘digital wallet’ function will be available.

The above apps are free and mostly used by locals. Feel free to try them out, you might find some of them handy.


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