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April 19 , 2021 by: Leah Martin

In recent years, the development of apps has increased efficiency and convenience for consumers and companies. Mobile apps provide easier and quicker access to different types of services, like entertainment, shopping, and communication. In Taipei city of Taiwan, the majority of the population rely on mobile apps in their daily lives.

Healthcare in Taiwan is heavily subsidized by the government, hence citizens are keen to maximize the benefits of the healthcare service. Medication fees, consulting and even surgery costs are subsidized from 30% to 100% of the total cost. In 2018, Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration released a mobile app that improves healthcare accessibility for the users. In response to the high demand for surgical masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the app released a function that allows citizens to order masks online. To be eligible for these services, all you need is the Taiwan national health insurance card.

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The payment system in Taiwan is the coolest thing. Upon each payment, most stores will hand you a lottery number. Every two months, the winning numbers will be announced to the public. The best part is that cash prizes range from $7 to $350. As one would expect, the higher the prize amount, the lower the odds of winning. But as long as you have the lottery number you are eligible to stand a chance to win. Apps like Colibri are available so that going through all the lottery numbers is much faster. You can either key in the last three digits or scan the QR code of the lottery number. The app will automatically filter out the lucky winning numbers.

If you plan to reside longer or switch jobs in Taiwan, the 104 or 1111 employment app is worth checking out. It is the ‘LinkedIn’ of Taiwan. Companies will post their job listings, from there you can select and contact the company. There might be translational errors, especially for smaller local companies. Thus, I recommend contacting the company for a clarification on any vague statements.

One of the most widely used messaging app by citizens is Line. It has created a good reputation for social as the app offers many other functions other than messaging. For instance, Line pay allows users to transfer cash between users in their contact list and make in-store payments. It has a sticker shop where users can purchase virtual stickers and use them as emojis. You can create your sticker collection as well. Other distinct features are the ladder shuffle and the poll function, which comes in handy when making group decisions.

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In Taipei city, long queues can be problematic during lunch hour. To save time, most people would opt for food delivery services. Foodpanda and Uber Eats have been popular online food delivery platforms. They often have free delivery services and deals from time to time. You can even track and estimate the arrival time of your order. The drivers earn their income based on the number of orders, thus I would suggest giving addresses where both parties can locate each other easily. This reduces the hassle for both the driver and yourself.

Buses are a popular choice for people to travel around Taipei. The Taipei Bus Tracking app is developed so that users can readily track the buses. The app displays the timetable and the exact routes and stops for each bus. If you are new to the city, there is a function to help you plan out bus routes based on your arrival or departure time and destination. This highly functional app is popular among students and foreigners. There are a few translational errors but you can double-check the bus route and drop-off stations on the website of the bus company to confirm.

For your next long stay in Taipei, be sure to download and learn these free apps to make the best out of your stay there. These apps are all bilingual, in both English and Mandarin. Besides that, the friendly user interface makes learning and navigation around the app simple. Regardless, if you encounter any difficulties the Taiwanese are friendly and most of them will be willing to lend a hand.

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