Apps You Want To Have In Tel-Aviv

May 02 , 2021 by: Leah Martin

When you get to Tel-Aviv, or Israel in general, if you want to make your stay as comfy and as easy as possible. For that, you might want to install a few apps, to make life easier and all interactions and transportation as efficient and comfortable as possible. Here is a list of the best apps you can get on your phone today to make your stay in Israel fun and hassle free.


Well, of course there’s Waze, Israeli designed and built, and by all means the best navigation app you can find, but what about navigating indoors?

Navin – Navigate Indoors and Out

Yes, there’s an app for that.
If you want to navigate inside shopping malls, museums, big shopping centers (i.e. Sarona Market, Dizengoff Center etc.) or even in Universities or Ben-Gurion Airport, this app has everything you need to turn your smart phone into a navigation and mapping device. Downloadable for IOS (coming soon) or Android.


As Israel does not accommodate such services as Uber or Lyft, due to laws and regulations, there are other apps for us to use for transportation needs.

Get Taxi / Yango

Get Taxi, or gett, as many Israelis call it, or Yango, are the most commonly used apps for booking taxi cabs in Israel. Both apps work with many different drivers and promises (and delivers on that promise almost 100% of the time) the fastest and most reliable taxi service in Israel.

Bubble Dan

Another wonderful service, and app, used for easy, convenient and reliable transportation. Also rather cheaper than a taxi cab, and almost as convenient. This app will let you book a service cab (a means of public transportation existing everywhere in Israel, and at all times) from wherever you are to wherever you want to go, and will let you know where your cab will pick you up (usually a few meters from where your GPS location is) and what number cab to board. The down side for this is that this service exists purely in Gush-Dan area (central Israel, around Tel-Aviv).


If you want to plan your route, from point A to point B, and find the best possible route, the easiest route (with minimum swaps between busses), or the shortest route – Moovit is the app to use in Israel. This app corresponds with all the schedules, routes and bus lines of all public transport service providers in Israel, and can devise a route for you that fits your needs perfectly.

Israel Railways

Apart from Moovit, mentioned before, the Israel Railways (The only train service provider in Israel) has its own unique app, where you can schedule a ride, pre-purchase tickets and see the entire train schedule.

Israel Railways on Google Play

Israel Railways on App Store

Bikes and Scooters on demand

If you want to utilize the many scooters and electric powered bicycles set around Tel-Aviv you need the correct app to use. For bikes, go for either MoBike, Tel-O-Bike or HopOn, for scooter use Bird, Lime, Wind or LEO. All of which can be found in either app store.



Out of the many translation apps existing in the different app stores, Morfix is the one most commonly referred to by Israelis as the most accurate and easiest to use. You could, of course, use Google Translate, however, why not use the app that the locals use?

Morfix on Google Play

Morfix on App Store


If you choose the option to rent a car, there are a few apps to use, that provide the same services. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.


One app to use for paying for parking, whether on the street (Pro-Tip: When the curb is painted blue and white – you need to pay to park there) or in parking lot, is Cellopark. Simply download the app and go through the sign up process, from here you can pay for all your parking needs with a simple click of a button in the app.


Another wonderful app to use for parking is Pango. Again, you can pay for on-the-street parking and pay in various parking lots around Israel (most parking lots work with either app). In Pango there’s an added bonus where you can also pay for gas in some gas stations around Israel.

Kebab wrap pita on Pixabay

Ordering Take out


Wolt is a food delivery app that provides services mainly in the center of Israel, Gush-Dan area and some service in Jerusalem. The app works with most restaurants in the appropriate areas and provides fast and cheap food delivery options.


This app‘s name is derived from a well-known Israeli joke. It provides food delivery services across the entire country, works with many different restaurants and provides detailed information on your order status.


10-bis literally translates from Hebrew to “Give me a bite”. It started out as a sort of a food coupon system for businesses and their employees, and gradually grew into what we know today. Has its own delivery drivers and works with almost every place that sells food in Israel.


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