Everything You Need to Know about Applying for a Visa in Australia

March 20 , 2021 by: Charlotte Harris

When preparing your arrival in Australia, it is crucial to understand the different types of immigrant and nonimmigrant visa options that travelers, workers, and hopeful immigrants are faced with when planning their next steps in the country. Here is a brief overview of the different types of possibilities that are given to all citizens of foreign countries who are planning either short, long, or permanent stays in Australia.

Visitor Visas

First, a mere visitor to the country can receive a Visitor Visa which would allow them to visit family or participate in a business trip, or merely adventure as tourists for three, six, or twelve months at a time. In order to apply for these visas, an applicant must be in Australia when they apply for the visa, and the price begins at 365 Australian dollars. If sponsored by a family member for a longer stay, the price will decrease, and the sponsor may have to pay a security bond.

Family Visas

In a similar fashion, partners and parents of citizens are also required to apply for specific Parent or Partner Visas that are based on the genuine relationship between the foreign visitor and Australian citizen. A Partner Visa may be granted to a spouse, de-facto partner, or fiancé of an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. A partner visa requires a two-step application process that begins with a provisional visa being granted first. After two years from the lodgment date of the couple, the second part of the application comes into place as the couple demonstrates that they are still together and may apply for a permanent visa.

On the other hand, a Parent Visa is relatively simple and merely requires that a parent visa must meet the balance of family test, meaning that at least 50% of the applicant’s children live in Australia as Australian citizens or Permanent Residents or more children are living in Australia as Australian citizens or Permanent Residents than in any other single country.

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Short Stay Work Visas

A short stay visa is one in which a short stay is granted also for business purposes, for training, and for specialized work. One type of short stay visa is the Short Stay Visa for Specialist Work which can be granted to visitors who have highly specialized skills that are not easily available in Australia, and how are required to perform work in a highly specialized nature in the country. These visas come with a short-term duration and require work that is usually required to fulfill a contractual obligation in Australia between an overseas provider and an Australian company.

Similarly, a Temporary Activity Visa – Training is one in which a visitor can apply for in order to enhance their skills through a workplace training program. For this visa, an applicant is required to meet the basic skill level of the occupation and have had 12 months of experience in the last 2 years in the occupation in which they are training in. The applicant’s employer must also approve the work and travel activity as a temporary activity sponsor and present a relevant and detailed structured training plan which the visitor must be trained in. For this visa, the amount of time can be extended for up to 2 years depending on the training that is required. This visa differs from a vaguer Temporary Activity Visa which is required to be in Australia for a short period to undertake certain activities such as events, entertainment, participating in media and television, missionary work, sports, research, and other miscellaneous activities.

Skilled Person Visa and Employer Sponsorship Visa

If you are a skilled person who wants to live and work in Australia, you may apply for a Skilled Person Visa through a specific Australian visa points system. Through this application, a skilled visa may be granted to skilled applicants who could be professionals or trades workers and who qualify for the General Skilled Migration Program. The basic requirement is to score a minimum of 65 on the points test and the application also involves being granted an invitation under an Expression of Interest to later apply for a permanent or provisional visa application.

Similarly, an employer of an Australian business may sponsor their employee on either a temporary or permanent basis to meet a skills shortage position in the business.

As an overseas skilled worker, if you have skills and relevant work experience and an Australian employer is interested in sponsoring you, your occupation has to be on the skilled list which is divided into the Short -Term Skilled Occupation List and the Medium and Long -Term Strategic occupation list.



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