Best Countries for Expat Families: 6 Destinations Great For Raising Kids

April 02 , 2021 by: Elissa Tan

Making the decision to relocate for work as an expat is never easy. And with expat families, even more complexities come into play. From picking a destination that can provide a good quality of education to the availability of good children’s healthcare, there are so many more factors to consider before uprooting your family to a whole new country.

Wondering where would be a good country to accommodate your expat family? To help you narrow down your search, we have put together a list of 6 top countries of choice by expat families!

Nylund Rorstrop, Sweden, by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels

Nordic Countries (Finland, Sweden & Norway)

Nordic nations have traditionally performed especially well in surveys for expat families – Finland particularly has taken the crown on the list for 4 consecutive years, with Sweden just behind in 2nd place and Norway in 6th place.

Some of the top reasons why these Nordic countries are so well-loved by expats include:

Brussels, Belgium by Paul Deetman on Pexels


Next on the list is a European nation where many expat families consider a better and safer place to raise their kids compared to even their home countries.

Here are some key reasons why expat families choose to move to Belgium:

Canada by Daniel Joseph on Pexels


A popular expat destination, Canada, also makes it for the list for both single expats and families alike!

Some main reasons why expat families decide to head to Canada include:

Marina Barrage, Singapore by Jason Goh on Pixabay


Making it into the top 10 list and being the top choice for expat families in Asia, is Singapore, a vibrant cosmopolitan city beloved by expats and families alike for good reason.

Here are some reasons why expat families choose to live in Singapore:

Auckland, NZ by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

New Zealand

Last but not least on our list of destinations favoured by expats families, we have New Zealand.

And here are a few motivations why expat families decide to head to New Zealand:

Photo by Bianca Mentil on Pixabay

Which Country Is the Best Place for Your Family?

While you can continue to research and review the different surveys by expat parents, the fundamental question you need to ask yourself is: Which country is best suited for your family’s needs?

Depending on your specific family requirements, certain countries might be more attractive than others. If having outdoor opportunities for your children is critical, you would gravitate towards countries like New Zealand or Canada. If providing your children with top-in-class education is key, then perhaps a country like Singapore would be ideal.

Let us know in the comments below, which country you eventually decided on relocating to and why?



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