Best Places to Live in Asia For Expats: 6 Hotspots You Don’t Want to Miss

March 26 , 2021 by: Elissa Tan

The appeal of Asia as a destination for expats has always been there – with the allure of a better quality of life on the same wage, the booming economy, better education for their children, and in some cases the amazing tropical weather.

But whereabouts in Asia is the best place for expats to head to? Considering that Asia is the largest of the world’s continents, there are plenty of candidate nations to choose from!

To help you focus on your search for the best place to live in Asia, we have put together a list of the 6 best places (picked by your fellow expats) to choose from!


Number 1 in the list, is Taipei, having come in top for two years in a row now, in an International Survey by thousands of expats.

Reasons why Taiwan is so beloved by expats include:

Night market in Taipei by Luan Kiao on Unsplash

Taipei by Timo Voltz on pexels



With a vibrant community of 110, 000 expats and 7,000 multinational companies (with many of their regional and global headquarters based out of Singapore), it is easy to see why this economic epicentre is also topping the list.

Here are some other reasons why expats choose to live in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands by Allan Lau on Pixabay

By Sim Schmidt on Unsplash

Hong Kong (SAR China)

A cosmopolitan and business-oriented city with a long track record of attracting expatriates, Hong Kong (SAR China) continues to appeal to expats all over the world.

Here are some reasons why expats continue to flock to Hong Kong:

Steven Yu on Pixabay

By Jacob Zatorsky on Pexel


While the Japanese culture can be a polarizing one, there are many other reasons why Japan still manages to come in 3rd in place for the best places for expats to live in Asia.

Reasons why expats love to live in Japan include:


Tokyo by Jazael Melgoza on Unsplash

By Evgeny Chebotar on Pexels

South Korea

5th on the list, South Korea is a fascinating place to live in – with plenty of sights, culture, and adventure to explore – a reason why it is increasingly appearing on the radar of expats.

Here are some reasons why expats choose to relocate to South Korea:

Seoul city on Pexels

Korean restaurant by Jirayu Kooktholjirda on Unsplash


Last but not least, Vietnam is our last popular destination which expats flock to. Amongst the various places on the list so far, it has the cheapest cost of living – making it easy to see why it is so popular with expats.

More reasons why expats are increasingly moving to Vietnam:

Phu Quoc by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

Tan Binh, by Marcus Nguyen on Pexels

Which Country Is the Best Place for You?

While there is a ranking of the various places in Asia on their appeal to expats, the real question you need to ask yourself is: Which place is the most suited for your needs?

Depending on your personal or family requirements, some of these places might appeal to you more than the others.

Hope this article has helped guide your decision-making process!



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