Best Places to Live in Europe for Expats

April 01 , 2021 by: Annie Tran

An ex-pat is a person that decides to make a positive move in life by choosing to relocate or work in a new county or decides to stay in the country for their retirement. There will be opportunities to set up new projects in the new country, face new challenges or opportunities, spend time with friends and family, and include a new change in life. If you plan to leave your country, look at some of the attractive and welcoming destinations for your new investments and projects. Discover the best destinations in Europe with the best health care systems, international schools, investment destinations, low crime rate and quality of life. Below are some of the best places to live in Europe for ex-pats.

Calla Gran Via, Madrid, by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Madrid, Spain

One of the best places to live in Europe is Madrid since it has a reasonable cost of living and the best quality of life. The city suit all the ex-pats’ profiles, whether you come to start your own business, work in a small or large company, or work remotely. Spaniards, particularly the younger generations, communicate in English quite well. It would be a great moment for you to learn the Spanish language and integrate it into the country’s local fabric. With most international schools, both private and public Spanish schools, Madrid will suit ex-pats with young kids, those looking for new challenges, and digital nomads.

Berlin by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

Berlin, Germany

Another best place to live with great openness and enjoy your stay in Europe is Berlin. Berlin is a unique cosmopolitan city, and visitors can enjoy lower and controlled apartment rents. It’s a city that combines the quality of life, tolerance, security and culture. The place is perfect for executives that wish to work in large organizations or digital nomads. It’s a suitable destination for those who want to begin their business enterprises, be it alternative or traditional. If you want to set up your own business, it’s vital to learn some German basics. It’s an excellent destination for couples with young children and also nomadic workers. The city has job opportunities in most industrial sectors, international schools and universities.

Dubrovnik, by Ivica Dzambo on Pexels

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik city in Croatia is a great city that has been an inspiration to many designers, artists, filmmakers and screenwriters. It’s an excellent destination for young ex-pats, individuals of all ages who want to set up a tourist project and people who want to work in a historical and extraordinary setting. The Dubrovnik inhabitants have robust and straightforward values centred on respect, authenticity, honesty and hospitality. It’s one of the best destinations recognized for wedding proposals and wedding ceremonies in Europe.

St Stephan’s Cathedral, Stephansplatz, Vienna by Julius Silver on Pexels

Vienna Austria

The city is famous for being a top destination for ex-pats that wish to settle in Europe. It’s one of the cities with the lowest crime rates and best quality of life in Europe. The city is a perfect location for those looking for affordability, stability, security, quality of life, access to international schools and health care. Vienna offers work in various top-level sectors, including banks, companies and universities. It provides an excellent environment for entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to start their businesses, including flower shops, restaurants, and bookstores.


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