Most Popular Southeast Asian Coffee Beans

March 20 , 2021 by: Kim Walker

Southeast Asian coffee beans are known to be some of the most prestigious beans in the world and are greatly respected by all coffee lovers. Some of the best coffee beans from Southeast Asia are found in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia in the most unique and beautiful places.

Coffee from these areas create a tourist hot spot for coffee connoisseur and they’ll commonly travel miles over some of the roughest terrains and weather to get a cup of some of the best coffee in the world. Without further or due, these are the most popular Southeast Asian coffee beans.

1.Sumatra Gayo

In the large span of Indonesian islands, lies one of the most premium coffee beans available worldwide. There is also great history to this coffee bean, the Dutch brought this coffee to Indonesia back in the 17th century from Yirgacheffe. They now grow this coffee to this day, in the most northern part of Indonesia mountains in Sumatra.

This Arabica coffee has unique characteristics that stem from wet hulling. Wet hulled coffee is a traditional way in which Indonesians process their coffee beans. Inside of every cherry coffee bean, there are multiple layers and the main layers are mucilage and parchment. The word hulling refers to removing the parchment layer of the bean, the beans are then soaked to fermented overnight which removes the mucilage layer.

The Sumatra coffee is commonly known for it’s rich, syrupy flavoring and holds some of the lowest acidic levels found in coffee beans. All Sumatra coffee is processed organically made and Fairtrade certified to ensure that money goes into the skilled farmer’s pockets. If you’re new to quality coffee beans, then the Sumatra Gayo is possibly one of the best to date and a great place to start your coffee obsession.

Danau Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia by Marc St on Unsplash

2.Trung Nguyen

If you want to try revolutionary tasting coffee, then I suggest you try the highest of Vietnamese coffee available. Trung Nguyen is Vietnams highest quality of coffee and is grown in some of the best conditions in the middle of Vietnams highlands. They have a variety of different cultural coffee blends which are each grown in their own individual unique way to maximize the taste output.

Trung Nguyen or also known as TN is grown slightly different from most popular coffee beans. Instead of the typical large scale of production, it’s grown in small village farms using sun-drying methods and 100 percent natural processing. TN is a fair-trade bean and allows the rightful farmers to get paid the money they deserve.

Unlike some coffee companies, all production stays in central Vietnam. The coffee is processed, roasted, blended, ground and packed within central Vietnam and has a massive impact in supporting the local economy.

There are several coffee strains that they provide, but I totally recommend the Sang Tao 1: Culi Robusta, House blend, Sang Tao 8 and lastly, their G7 instant for those people who like their coffee black.

Weasel coffee farm, Vietnam by Elias on Unsplash

3.Doi Chaang

This next coffee company produces some of the finest Arabica coffee in Thailand. Doi Chaang coffee is considered the pinnacle of coffee beans for those professional coffee tasters. This coffee bean is only made in three areas of Thailand, these are Baan Doi Chang, Wawee district, Mae Suai and the northern city of Thailand Chiang Rai.

Doi Chaang isn’t just popular in Thailand but also on a global status and is produced at the highest quality through the Doi Chaang Coffee network. You can uniquely buy these strains of coffee bean in the classic bag type or capsules which are compatible with most coffee machines. The main four flavors are their organic signature, peaberry classic, premium classic and espresso supreme for those who like the strong fix.

My favorite is the organic signature which has a medium roasting profile. The bean type is 100% arabica and like most coffee beans which come from Southeast Asia, it’s USDA and BioagriCert certified and is carefully monitored to get a continuously perfect taste.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

4.Figures of Beans

The next best Southeast Asian coffee bean is based in the Philippines and is probably one of the more well-known brands worldwide. Figure of Beans takes pride in delivering Southeast Asian coffee right to your doorstep. It’s a typical step-in-stone to brewing your own coffee at home, this coffee bean company encourages you to start brewing and sends out a how-to guide which each induvial order.

Currently, there are six types of coffee that you can purchase from Figures of Beans and they all have great reviews. Each coffee type has a quirky name, but why not? These are Irony, Paradox, Oxymoron, Understatement, Metaphor and Euphemism. Each coffee type has its own flavor ranging from caramel to hazelnut and much more. If you’re looking to mix up your coffee taste, then this coffee brand is the perfect switch.

Photo by Ayaneshu Bharswaj on Unsplash

5.My Liberica Coffee

The My Liberica Coffee company is the only Liberica coffee bean producer in Malaysia. You may have only known coffee to come in two different variants, Arabica and Robusta. However, you may have never heard of Liberica beans. Liberica beans are extremely rare and aren’t commonly grown worldwide and are only produces around 2% of global commercial coffee. However, over 95% of the coffee grown in Malaysia is Liberica and they hold a huge amount of the market space for this.

People consider all Liberica coffee beans the Lamborghinis of coffee and hold such a complex of flavoring. You’re even considered “lucky” if you’ve ever tried this. The My Liberica Coffee company is homegrown and owns a huge coffee plantation and processing mill located in Kulia, Johor.

For those who don’t know about Liberica coffee beans, the taste normally consists of being very sweet and fruity which is uniquely different from your standard coffee bean. It’s also known to have a very distinctive taste which you’ll easily be able to recognize and is commonly known to be month watering sweet. If you get the opportunity to try or purchase this coffee bean, I totally recommend doing so.


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