Cost of Living in Singapore

April 12 , 2021 by: Amanda Goh

Compared to other Asian countries, the cost of living in Singapore is high. For an average person in Singapore, their expense a month can go up to 800 SGD (575 USD).

If you are a potential expat thinking of moving to Singapore, read on to find out more about the cost of living in Singapore.

Do note that cost of living varies according to your lifestyle and where you reside in Singapore.


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Renting a home in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, If you are considering renting a home, you should research more on what type of housing works for you. A shared HDB flat will cost less than a condo apartment.

For a single studio, you should be prepared to pay about SGD$1,500-$4,500 a month for a studio apartment. If you are thinking of a cheaper alternative, you can go for a HDB flat which is cheaper but more basic.

If you want to live in central Singapore, it will be pricier, as compared to living in the outskirts. However, both locations have their benefits. Living in central Singapore is more convenient for those who need to travel to the central business district to work. While living further away from the center gives you more access to schools, for those wanting to start a family.


Utilities in Singapore is not pricey, and may cost as little as $200 a month, depending on your lifestyle. Mobile subscription costs also depends on your lifestyle, ranging from $35 to $100.

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As most products are imported, groceries in Singapore can be costly. Non-Asian products also tend to be more expensive than the rest. If you rather cook from home, you may spend up to $200 a month. Eating in usually costs less than eating out in Singapore as dining out may vary greatly.

The cost of eating out also depends on the lifestyle you intend to live. Food in Singapore can range from budget friendly to extravagant. Your meal can range from $5 to $100 a meal.


The healthcare system in Singapore is known as one of the best in Asia and sixth in the world by the WHO in 2000. There is no mandate by the government on employees to provide healthcare to employers in Singapore.

Fortunately, healthcare in Singapore is reasonable, even without health insurance. While it is not compulsory to get healthcare insurance, it may be helpful in case of emergencies.

If you are considering healthcare insurance, you can set aside $100-$200 a month for it. There are many different healthcare insurances for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

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Public Transport

Buying a car in Singapore is pretty expensive thus most expats tend to take public transport around Singapore. In Singapore, public transport is pretty affordable and reliable.

A one way bus or MRT ticket is approximately $1.60, depending on how far you travel. You should be prepared to spend around $100-$120 a month on public transport, depending on how much you travel.

Do note that public transport does not run through the night — if you are one to go out late at night, you may need to take a taxi home. Taxi services are pretty affordable, however do increase later into the night.

Overall Thoughts

While the cost of living in Singapore is high, there are many things you can do to live in Singapore at a budget. This can range from finding a cheaper alternative for housing to eating in and taking public transport. If you are on a budget, you can get by living in Singapore with less than $1,500.


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