Explore The Eternal City: Find Out The Best Things To Do In Rome

May 09 , 2021 by: Victoria Anderson

Rome is a perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity. The city has been the epicenter of culture, art, politics and the birthplace of many icons. It is one of the most visit tourist destinations in Europe. Rome has a rich historical past that is clearly reflected in the architecture of the famous buildings Roman Forum and Colosseum. The country is surrounded by breathtaking archaeological marvels and the streets are lined with vibrant boutique cafes. The capital city of Italy offers you numerous interesting activities and has something to offer to every traveler. Here, we have curated a perfect list to look into some of the best things to do and places to visit in Rome during your vacation.

Vatican City by Julius Silver on Pixabay

1) Explore the Stunning Vatican City: This is the smallest independent state across the globe but there is no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in Vatican City. A trip to the city is incomplete if you have not seen St. Peter’s Basilica. The Basilica is situated in the heart of the city and attracts tourists all around the year. Not far from the Basilica is the famous St. Peter’s Square, the hot spot for all the tourists and the most photographed place in the Vatican. Another breathtaking building is also situated in the city, the Sistine Chapel. The chapel boasts the artistic magnificence of Michelangelo on its ceiling and is a sight to behold. The city boasts some of the most spectacular gardens that are decorated with sculptures, fountains and exquisite species of flowers.

Pantheon, Rome by Waldo Miguez on Pixabay

2) Marvel At The Majestic Pantheon: This iconic Roman building was initially built as a temple dedicated to worship the Roman Gods. It has been standing tall since 118 AD and displays achievements of Roman architecture owing to a 43-meter-high spectacular dome, which is still the biggest brick dome in the world. It stands undisturbed without any visual pillar support, as the pillars are craftily hidden in the walls. The Pantheon is the burial place for many famous Italian rulers and artists, representing the rich cultural history of Rome.

Colosseum, Rome by Andrea Albanese on Pixabay

3) Visit The Legendary Colosseum: This enigmatic monument is the symbol of Rome and takes you back to the ancient historical past. It is also renowned as Flavian Amphitheater and is one of the most visited tourist places in Rome. The Colosseum allowed spectacles for the people of Rome from recreational battles, an exhibition of animals, gladiator combats and even executions. You can learn more about the interesting facts of the monument by taking a guided tour with an exceptional local guide.

Trevi Foundatin, Rome by Elijah Lovkoff on Pixabay

4) Make A Wish At The Trevi Fountain: The fountain is adorned with the statue of Neptune which is made of marble. The fountain is located in close vicinity to the Pantheon and is always crowded with tourists waiting to throw coins. According to a legend, the person who throws a coin into the fountain will surely return to Rome. If you want to enjoy and admire the intricate art of the fountain then make sure to visit either early in the morning or late at night and experience a magical moment like in the famous movie La Dolce Vita.

The Roman Forum, Rome on Pixabay

5) Explore The Ruins of Roman Forum: Take a stroll in this majestic archaeological site and experience the essence of Rome like never before. The Roman Forum has witnessed some of the great rulers of the Roman Empire like Julius Caesar, Trajan and Augustus Caesar. If you are a curious soul and want to learn about the legends of the past, then make sure to take a guided tour and do not forget to capture these wonders in your memories forever.

Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo, Vatican, Rome by Oliver Lachner on Pixabay

6) Experience Great Art At The Vatican Museums: The museums are a collection of some of the most exquisite and treasured artwork of some of the iconic artists. The museums allow you to admire and appreciate Michelangelo’s famous art marvel at the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican museums have more than 70,000 pieces of exceptional art. Another spectacular marvel is the Raphael Rooms and the Spiral Staircase. The best way to enjoy and understand the depth behind each artwork is by opting for a guided tour or you can also listen to audio guides that are easily available.

Santa Maria Della Vittoria dome by John Kloess on Pixabay

7) Visit Santa Maria Della Vittoria: This breathtaking chapel was made famous by Dan Brown through his bestselling novel “Angels and Demons”. You can always find the museum filled with the fans of the book. The visitors are all stunned by the beauty and intricacy of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. There is no entry fee for visiting the church and it is open every day for the public.

Trastevere, Rome on Pixabay

8) Feel Like Romans At Trastevere: After hustling through the crowds and standing in long queues, you fill find Trastevere relaxing and calming. The place is surrounded by vibrant cafes, local handicraft shops and find authentic food joints. Trastevere has amazing nightlife and the streets are filled with locals and tourists enjoying the neon-lit bars and restaurants. It is a great place to unwind, chill and take a little breather.

Piazza Navona, Rome by Jodie Donahoo on Pixabay

9) Enjoy At The Piazza Navona: This is one of the most popular places visited by tourists. It is lined with charming restaurants, exquisite galleries, souvenir stores and stunning art. This part of the city is adorned with Baroque artwork. Near to the Piazza Navona is the picturesque street Via Della Pace, the street is a favourite for Instagram influencers because of its authentic depiction of Rome. So, keep your cameras charged and your best pose sorted.

10) Awaken Your Inner Shopaholic At Via Del Corso Street: This is the most famous shopping street in Rome and is the hot spot for the latest global fashion trends. In Rome, even the shopping stores are decorated with stunning artworks. Alberto Sordi Galleria is made up of color stained glasses and mosaic textured floors making your shopping experience a memorable one.

11) Wake Up To The Aroma Of Coffee: In Rome, you will seldom find Starbucks around the corner but you can surely smell freshly brewed coffee at each café. Romans believes in being charged up all day long and what better way to keep you up than an expresso shot. The two of the most popular cafes in Rome are Tazza d’Oro and Café Sant Eustachio serving amazing varieties of coffee.

12) Hike Up The Gianicolo Hill: The Gianicolo Hill lies near the popular Trastevere and is the perfect spot to get an uninterrupted and breathtaking view of the beautiful city of Rome. You can admire the iconic St. Peter’s Basilica and other mountains surrounding the city from the top of the hill. This is the perfect spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset, also if you want a quiet place to enjoy the serenity of Rome then be ready to climb up the hill.

Spanish Steps, Rome, by Seneca on Pixabay

13) Climb The Spanish Steps: No trip to Rome is complete if you have not sat on the Spanish Steps and eaten gelato. These steps have now become an iconic spot for every tourist and even locals to enjoy the view of the streets and relax. At the base of the steps, you will find a spectacular fountain Barcaccia, which is a treat for the eyes. Nearby is the very famous Café Greco, which is a hangout place for most famous Roman artists and writers.

14) Learn About Roman History At Castle Saint Angelo National Museum: The museum initially served as a fortress and has protected the city from invasion. It has been the safe haven for ancient rulers and popes. Recently, it has been declared as the National Museum and tourists can explore this museum without any fee. The visitors are welcomed by the statue of two guardian angels and you can walk down the spiral staircase and see the different levels of the museum that are donned in exquisite frescos art. The terrace gives you a mesmerizing view of the city.

15) When In Rome, Eat Like Romans: The food in the city is filled with flavors, colors and reflects Roman culture accurately. The most commonly eaten dish in Rome is the Allesso di Bollito, a slow-cooked beef dish served with bread. How can you talk about Roman cuisine and not mention Artichokes, these are available easily throughout the city. Traditionally, they are cooked with oil and a mixture of Italian herbs. Carbonara is another world-renowned dish that is made with spaghetti, egg, black pepper and strictly no cream. The best place to enjoy a delectable version of Carbonara is at Roscioli. A food list about Rome is never complete without the mention of pizza, the Roman pizzas are thin, light and full of flavors. You can find the best pizza at Da Remo and whenever you visit this place do not forget to order a classic Margherita.

Rome is a city that never ceases to amaze you with its art, history, culture and even food. It is a paradise for explorers and admirers of true art. Witnessing the extraordinary artwork of Bernini and Michelangelo is surely once in a lifetime experience. We hope that this article helps you in deciding upon the best places to visit and fun thing to do on your trip to Rome.


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