Five Apps You Can’t Live Without In Hong Kong

May 02 , 2021 by: Amelia Chui

Hong Kong is a very fast-paced city. Many people who come to Hong Kong are not able to adapt to the fast pace immediately. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help you integrate into local life more easily and take care of your daily needs.

OpenRice – 開飯啦

The biggest struggle about dining out with friends is deciding which restaurant to go to. Hong Kong is known as a gourmet paradise, with a wide variety of cuisines from different countries. However, with so much food and so many good restaurants to choose from, OpenRice can help you solve this problem.

OpenRice has a comprehensive list of restaurants in all 18 districts in Hong Kong, with addresses, opening hours, restaurant descriptions, and menu details all available in the app. Feel like some Japanese food? Just select the Japanese category in the app and you’ll be able to see all the Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Maps are also available in the App, making it easy to find your destination.

OpenRice also has an app booking function, so you can book a table directly from the app. If you want to eat good food in Hong Kong, OpenRice is a must-have app.



In the past two years, food delivery has become very popular in Hong Kong. Almost every household orders food online every day, and let the courier arrange for the food to be delivered, while they can sit at home and enjoy their life without leaving home Food Panda is the most popular food delivery app in Hong Kong in recent years.

FoodPanda is packed with the world’s greatest food experiences. Hungry? Fancy a wood-fired pizza, a classic burger, or super fresh sushi? We know everything your city has to offer. FoodPanda is your well-known food delivery service in Hong Kong. Try it now!

Plus, FoodPanda has much more to offer than food. Short of milk? Batteries? Or Detergent? In the FoodPanda shop, you can order thousands of products. It’s online grocery delivery with no waiting. Choose your favorite shop and get everything from groceries to drinks to health to medicine and even electronics.


KongCast – 港播

One of the best ways to learn Cantonese in Hong Kong is to listen to podcasts. KongCast brings together a wide variety of Cantonese podcasts, from travel to entertainment and psychology, all in one app.

With KongCast, you can not only learn Cantonese while hitchhiking but also keep up with the latest topics in Hong Kong, so you can chat with your Hong Kong friends and adapt to life in Hong Kong more easily.



PayMe is the official e-payment application developed by HSBC in Hong Kong. The app allows you to easily link your bank deposit account or credit card to make electronic payments at various merchants or restaurants. You can also use PayMe to send payments directly to your friends, so you can easily share the cost of your meal with them the next time you dine with them.


安心出行 LeaveHomeSafe

As the Covid-19 Pandemic remains active, the Hong Kong Government has launched a Travel Safe App named LeaveHomeSafe, to help you effectively check if you are at risk of contracting the disease in places you visit. This requires you to register with LeaveHomeSafe before entering designated places such as restaurants, facilities and venues.

If there is a new outbreak of Covid-19 in a place you have registered with LeaveHomeSafe, the app will alert and encourage you to get yourself tested to ensure your health is in order. The government says the app does not track your whereabouts, safeguarding your privacy so you can use it with no worries.


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