Food to Try in Germany

May 18 , 2021 by: Amanda Goh

Germany’s food culture is unique to say the least. Their food culture mainly consists of bread, potatoes and meat. Germany is also popular for their beer and cakes too.

There are many different national and regional dishes in Germany for you to try. If you are visiting Germany, be sure to try some of these classic German dishes.


This is a traditional German tender beef roast. Also known as the national dish of Germany, Sauerbraten can be found in almost every restaurant in Germany.

Typically, tougher cuts of meat are used in this dish, as marinating it tenderizes the meat. The dish is flavourful and rich, due to the marination process and usually topped with gravy and potatoes.

Bratwurst by Rita on Pixabay


German sausages are classic dishes in Germany and come in various forms. Some favorites include:

This sausage is a classic, made with minced pork and beef, grilled and topped with mustard and ketchup. Bratwursts are also served between a hard roll, similar to a hot dog.

Similar to a bratwurst, the curry wurst consists of a curry sausage and topped with curry and paprika powder. This sausage originated from Berlin and is typically served with a side of fries.

This sausage is made from ground pork, using different cuts of the meat, including beef blood. This German blood sausage is typically enjoyed cold.

German sausages are typically enjoyed with bread and a side of fries. These sausages can be found all over Germany, and more during Octoberfest.


Also known as a pretzel, Brezels are one of the most popular foods in Germany. This dish is fluffy and bread-y and can be paired well together with mustard and butter.

Brezels can be found everywhere in Germany, and more so during Octoberfest in Munich. This snack is soft and fluffy, coming in various savoury and sweet flavors.

Do note that these Brezels are not your typical pretzels you find in America which are crispy. These pretzels are soft, resulting in a fluffy texture.


German Spatzle, loosely translated to ‘little sparrows’, look and taste like pasta but is unique in shape. Spatzle come in small irregular dough blobs and have a taste similar to egg noodles with a dumpling-like texture.

This dish is easy to make using eggs, flour and milk, and is typically served as a side to various dishes. You can also have it as a main dish itself, usually topped with cheese — a popular dish to go with a pint of beer.

While Spatzle can be found all over Germany, try it at an Swabian restaurant for an authentic taste.

Schnitzel by Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay


While Schnitzel is Austrian, not German, it has been popularized across Germany. This dish consists of a slice of meat, typically covered in breadcrumbs and fried in fat. The name of this dish, Schnitzel, is translated to mean ‘slice’. These cutlets are usually made from chicken, pork or turkey and pounded on to tenderize.

Tenderizing the cutlet results in the meat being juicy and tender while the frying of the cutlet creates a crispy crust. This dish is typically served with potatoes and vegetables.


Also known as fried potato fritters, this dish is a popular German comfort food. These potato fritters are crisp and flavorful, and is often eaten with applesauce. This dish also comes in various other names including kartoffelpuffer, reibeplatzchen and grumbeerpannekuche.

This dish is particularly popular during the Karneval festivities during spring and Christmas markets.

Lebkuchen by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash


This is a traditional German favorite, especially during Christmas. A Lebkuchen is Germany’s take on a classic gingerbread cookie. While similar to a gingerbread cookie, a Lebkuchen is denser and richer than a gingerbread.

Made with honey and spices, this dessert ranges in taste from spicy to sweet. if you are a fan of gingerbread, try an authentic Lebkuchen at Nuremburg Lebkuchen.

German Beer

As one of the biggest beer-drinking country in Europe, German beer is something to try when visiting Germany. In the past, beer was brewed in homes and have since become part of the German culture.

Some of the most popular German beers include


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