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May 19 , 2021 by: Amanda Goh

When thinking of British cuisine, the first dish that may come to your mind is fish and chips. However, UK offers a much wider variety of unique dishes from traditional to modern.

When visiting UK, check out some of these traditional dishes.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

This dish may sound odd to some, but is in fact a traditional dish from Scotland. This dish is made of three components, haggis, neeps and, of course, tatties. Haggis is a Scottish pudding made of various parts of a sheep, including its heart, living and lungs. While neeps and tatties are turnips and potatoes. Haggis is crumbly and earthy and typically eaten with neeps and tatties to balance the taste of the dish.

While this dish can be found all over the UK, more so in Scotland, it is traditionally associated with Burns Night. This night celebrates the birthday of infamous poet Robert Burns who wrote the poem “Address to a Haggis”.

Bangers and Mash on Pixabay

Bangers and Mash

This is a simple yet hearty dish consisting of sausages and mashed potatoes topped with onion gravy. ‘Bangers’ refers the sausage aspect of the dish, with this reference originating from World War I. You will be able to find this dish all over UK, especially so in pubs.

Steak and Kidney Pie

This is a well-loved British pie made with beef, kidney, fried onion and gravy wrapped in a flaky pastry. This pie is usually eaten with additional toppings including gravy, mashed peas and mashed potato.

Steak and kidney pie dates back to the 19th century and is known as one of the national dishes in the UK. This dish can be found all over the UK, particularly in pubs.

Sunday Roast

A Sunday Roast is a traditional meal, usually served on Sundays. This roast consists of various components including Yorkshire pudding, roasted meat, stuffing, vegetables and more. This meal is hearty and comforting, typically eaten as a family on the weekends.

This roast varies in flavour and texture depending on what sides and meats you choose.

English Breakfast on Pixabay

English Breakfast

An English breakfast is hearty and comforting, yet greasy, keeping you full till lunch time. A full English breakfast includes grilled bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, hash browns, black pudding and more.

The most unique item on the plate is the black pudding, a type of blood sausage made from pork blood. While this may sound odd to some, the flavor is mild and a little sweet — definitely something new to your tastebuds.

Chicken Tikka Masala

While this is an Indian dish, it is widely popular in the UK and known as Britain’s national dish. Chicken Tikka Masala is made up of roasted marinated chicken mixed in with curry sauce to give the dish an extra spice kick. The curry is unlike other curries you may find — creamy with a hint of sweetness. This dish is best eaten with a generous serving of rice.

Cornish Pasty on Pixabay

Cornish Pasty

This is a pastry filled with beef, diced potato, rutabaga and onions before being baked. This pastry is associated with Cornwall, UK, and were eaten as a portable lunch. When eating a pasty, remember to get them freshly baked. This will allow the crust to be crispy on the outside yet fluffy inside with the filling still tender, moist and juicy.

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak is essentially a dish made with mashed potatoes and cabbage. The name for this dish comes from the sound the dish makes when being cooked. Typically, this dish would be made from leftovers of a roast dinner and may include other ingredients such as carrots and peas.

This dish has been around since the 18th century and known as a traditional breakfast dish.


Known as a classic English dessert, a trifle is made of layers of fruit, sponge fingers and custard. At times, this dessert also contains jelly, adding a different texture to the dessert. The best way to eat a trifle is to get all the layers at one time, giving you a taste of various textures and flavors.

This dessert is also known as ‘tipsy cakes’ as they would drown the sponge fingers into alcohol before layering.

Deep Fried Mars Bars

This dessert is decadent to say the least. A deep fried mars bar is merely a mars bar covered in batter and fried in oil. This dish was created in 1992 in Stonehaven, Scotland.

This unique dessert is sweet and gooey with various textures and flavors from the mars bar. The fried mars bar is crispy on the outside while warm and chewy on the inside.


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