Get Mesmerized By The Country Of Romance: Best Things To Do In Switzerland

May 05 , 2021 by: Victoria Anderson

Switzerland is nothing less than a paradise on Earth and is a dream destination for every explorer. The magnificent lush green landscape, majestic alpine ranges, pristine blue lakes and charming villages makes Switzerland a wonderland. The cities provide travelers to explore many interesting places and numerous amazing things to do. The country is a burst of culture and heritage you can admire the influence they have on the architecture, food and the lifestyle. We have curated a perfect list for you that will help you in preparing a great itinerary for an unforgettable vacation amidst the snow covered Alps. So, lets get started and explore this heaven together.

Matterhorn by Lee on Pixabay

1) Enjoy The Majestic Matterhorn: This is one of the most famous peaks in the Alpine mountain range and is also the highest. It is famous among climbers and adventure lovers; you cannot help but marvel at the site of this spectacular wonder of nature. The height of the mountain is around 4,480 meters. Zermatt is an exquisite and luxurious resort situated at the base of the mountain. There are several comfortable and opulent properties around the area and you can explore the nearby attractions or local markets on carriages or walking. In winters the mountain is filled with ski enthusiasts and you can enjoy activities like hiking, trekking and biking in the summers.

Interlaken by Enrique on Pixabay

2) Relax In The Beautiful Interlaken: Interlaken is a stunning and beautiful summer resort in Switzerland. The resort lies in between the two pristine lakes Thun and Brienz. The heart of the town is packed with resorts, cafes and charming gardens with various exotic species of flowers and plants. The Eiger and Monch peaks in Interlaken are known for activities like hiking, kayaking and climbing. The peaks are always swarmed up with tourists all throughout the year. The best view of Interlaken is visible from the Harder Kulm and the Harder Alpine Wildlife Park is a complete family entertainment spot where you can enjoy the view of marmots.

St. Beatus waterfalls by Aaron Ruegg on Pixabay

3) Visit The Beautiful St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls: The falls has an interesting history, according to which a dragon hid in these caves after being hunted by monks. There are numerous waterfalls and small lakes that surrounds the area and make it an amazing experience. You can opt for a guided tour and explore every corner of these majestic caves and waterfalls.

Lake Thun, Spitz, by Evelyn Bur on Pixabay

4) Enjoy The Scenic Views Along The Golden Pass Line: This picturesque path offers you some of the breathtaking views of Switzerland. The six-hour journey will never stop amazing you even for a minute. The journey takes you through magnificent mountain ranges, breathtaking landscapes and charming valleys. Do not forget to charge and take your camera along with you to capture these unforgettable moments.

Zernez, Swiss National Park by Viola on Pixabay

5) Relax Amidst Nature In The Swiss National Park: This is one of the oldest national parks in Switzerland and was founded in the early 19th Century. The park is stretched far and wide and is the best place to relax amidst nature. There are many exotic species of animals that can be spotted easily in the park. You can view Ibexes, golden eagles, marmots and chamois.

Bougy-Villars Vinyard, Lake Geneva. Photo by Myriam Gaillard Houriet on Pixabay

6) Taste Some Exquisite Wines In Vaud: It is one of the most popular destination in Switzerland known for its wineries. Vaud is an amazing place to try wines and enjoy the scenic views of the vineyards. The canton in Vaud are known to have a clean and perfect environment and surely are a perfect weekend getaway.

Rhine Falls by Albrecht Fietz on Pixabay

7) Visit The Amazing Rhine Falls: The Rhine Falls are the biggest falls in Europe and are present on the bucket list of every traveler visiting Switzerland. The falls are around 23m in height and you cannot help but get mesmerized by the power of water rushing down. You can opt for various tours and make your way near to the falls and enjoy a splash from the waterfalls. The view from the Laufen Castle is stunning and breathtaking. You can also enjoy a weekend stay in the town of Schaffhausen that is lined with amazing resorts and boutique cafes. The falls can be easily reached from Zurich either by road or train.

Eiger trail by Paul Deck on Pixabay

8) Sweat It Out And Hike The Eiger Trail: This incredible hiking trail is one of the best in Switzerland and is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The trail offers you stunning views of the lush Grindelwald Valley and the snow clad mountains. The trail is around 6km long and should be a must visit for every hiker. The trail provides you a spectacular view of stunning waterfalls and strolling Swiss cows.

Photo by Daria Yakovleva on Pixabay

9) Visit Altstadt In Zurich: This old town in Zurich is a perfect blend of modernity and old world charm. The city has stunning architectures, vibrant streets and warm people. The cafes are known to serve some of the best cakes in Zurich. You can discover Zurich by taking guided tours or by simply exploring the town on your own and learn about the rich history of the city.

Bern by Tim Ulrich on Pixabay

10) Take A Trip To Bern: The capital city of Switzerland is breathtaking in every sense. It is surrounded by buildings boasting medieval architecture and stunning landscapes. The old town in the city is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is situated around the aqua blue Aare river. The most visited place in Bern is the ancient Clock Tower, you can enjoy a fun little show by the mechanical characters. The clock tower is the most famous point of attraction in Bern. Your visit is considered incomplete if you haven’t explored the habitat of the mighty bears, symbol of Bern. The Bear Park is a perfect place to admire and safely interact with these giant yet adorable creatures.

11) Enjoy The View Of Alps From The Top: The scenic town of Chateau is famously known as the “hot air balloon capital of the world”. The hot air balloon provides a scenic view of the majestic snow covered Alps. This town is near to the small and scenic canton of Vaud and lies in the opposite direction of the Lake Geneva. In winters during the Hot Air Balloon Festival, the sky is filled with more than 100 hot air balloon and makes the clear sky vibrant and colorful. A view of the pristine white mountains from the top is breathtaking and it is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience.

12) Taste The Authentic Swiss Chocolates: Switzerland is known for its chocolates all around the world. It has given some of the exceptional brands of chocolates to the world like Toblerone and Lindt. The most renowned chocolatier in Switzerland is Max Chocolatier and their truffles are delectable, tempting and decadent. These customized truffles will make your heart and soul happy and you cannot help but long for more. Zurich is known as the “Chocolate Capital of Switzerland” and this is definitely a major reason to visit Zurich. You can also learn the art of making these exquisite and exceptional chocolates from experienced chocolatier in Switzerland. Be ready to make your own version of Swiss chocolates and take them as souvenirs for your friends and families to cherish the sweet memories.

Photo by Christine Sponchia on Pixabay

13) Taste The Delicious Cuisine: When you are surrounded by scenic views then the food surely tastes way better. The most famous dish in Switzerland is Rosti, this is a delicious side dish that is similar to has brown in taste and is easily available on every food outlet. The Swiss Fondue is a meal that you would love to enjoy with your family and friends. It is made up of melted Swiss cheese, garlic, onions and olives and you can enjoy it by dipping roasted bread pieces into the melting pot of flavors. It is the best dish to enjoy in the chilly winters. Bazel Leckerli is the most loved sweet dish in Switzerland, it originated almost 600 years ago and has carried the tradition since then. It is especially made in every household during Christmas. Switzerland is also known for varied varieties of cheese and chocolates and these are available easily in the local markets of any city.

Switzerland is indeed a paradise on Earth and is filled with amazing picturesque views and landscapes. The cities like Bern and Zurich are rich have rich architecture, vibrant life and a peaceful environment. There are innumerable fun and interesting activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Switzerland is aptly known as the “Romantic Capital” of the world and the snow covered Alps and the scenic villages also contribute a lot in retaining this coveted title. The country is swarmed up with tourists all throughout the year. In summers you can hike and relax in the lush green villages surrounded by majestic mountains. In winters the country transforms into a wonderland and you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding or simply sip on hot cocoa wrapped up in a blanket surrounded by snow.

We hope that these options mentioned above help you in preparing the perfect itinerary for your vacation and makes your trip an unforgettable one.


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