How to Hair Care While Traveling

March 26 , 2021 by: Annie Tran

Traveling is a lifestyle most want to embrace! The places you visit, the memories you make, and the fantastic views you get to photograph. Plus everyone plans their days around a travel outfit. But the situation can get a bit “hairy” if your hair throws a spanner into the mix. To be honest, well-styled hair and a fresh face of makeup are two important factors that put your travel outfit together! Your wardrobe can only do so much.

When you are traveling, every minute is of the essence, you cannot spend hours styling your hair. Likewise, when traveling, our hair requires a little more extra acre. We expose our hair to an array of environmental factors like sun, humidity, dirt, salt, pool water, and dry plane air. You cannot control your surroundings but you can practice a few travel-friendly hair care tips to save your hair from getting spoiled.

Besides, we’re all a little guilty of putting our hair care routines on the backbench when traveling. This article will highlight hair care tips that will keep your hair healthier and looked after on the go. The trick is in bringing the essentials to enhance your hair to look effortless. So without waiting, below are some easy travel hair care tips that keep your hair in shape and bring great results. We have covered everything from traveling with a lot of hair to packing hair products when flying to even backpacker travel pins.

Heatless Hair Styling and Accessories

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When you’re traveling you always tend to travel light, the less the weight, the lesser the hassle. That also applies to hair tools. You cannot carry your blow drier/straightener and the products that go with it everywhere. Furthermore, traveling with a lot of hair can be tedious. Having them unkempt and un-styled affects your whole travel outfit. Our tip: learn a few heatless hairstyles and invest in some heatless styling tools.

Messy Buns

You just can’t go wrong with these! They are easy to make and just require a hair tie. Perfect for traveling! You can also use the easy sock bun method or opt for a pre-made bun roller that is practically weightless and occupies very little space.

Beachy Waves

We have two words for you: “foam curlers” yup that’s right! For volume and beachy waves, wear foam curlers overnight. You don’t have to pack the whole bunch. Just take a few and you’re good to go.

Claw Clips

Another hack for effortless beachy waves is to clip your hair back after a wash with a claw clip in a low bun when they are still wet. Air dry will result in natural and smooth waves.

Braids and Plaits

Braids are an excellent way to style your hair when traveling. It is cute and feminine and adds an oomph to your outfit. It keeps your hair out of your face and also gives you effortless waves. Learning braids like the braid crown and the fishtail will sort out traveling with a lot of hair with ease.

Pack Only the Essentials

If you absolutely can’t survive traveling without your hair care products below are a few tips to help pack your hair gel and hair care products for the plane ride:

Traveling With Hair Gel

While Hair gel is not technically a liquid, it still comes under as one in the TSA rule. So we’ve found a loophole for you. There are three ways you can take your hair gel with you and travel in style. The easiest way is to put in your carry-on. It would be wise to switch your product to a travel safe bottle and one that holds 3.4 ounces or less of the product to conform to the TSA rules.

If you need a lot more product than 3.4 ounces (we see you curly girls) place your absolute hair essential (gel) into your checked luggage! But be sure to switch them into travel safe and leak-proof bottles. Checked luggage allows for 17 ounces of liquids.

Switch to Solids

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Dislike the limit on liquid products when flying? Switch to solid substitutes. A couple of bottles of shampoo and conditioner can weigh about a pound. Solid shampoo and conditioning bars are easily available that have rich ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, or Irish moss to condition your hair. Likewise, moisturizing bars are also available that can soothe away dryness and keep your skin conditioned.

Travel Hair Sets and Tools

When it comes to packing tools and hair products for the plane, we are often faced with a dilemma on what to take, what to leave, and what to downsize. So we have three nifty tips for you:

Arm Yourself with Travel-Sized Tools

The Universe heard your dilemma and provided you with an answer: travel-sized hair tools. Yes, they exist. These travel-sized combs come in exceptionally handy when detangling hair after a day at the beach!

Mini Travel Hair Set

If heat is the only way your hair behaves, we have you covered. There are many companies now that make travel styling kits which include a mini hairdryer, concentrator, flat iron, diffuser, hair clip, and a curling wand.

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Universal Adapters

We cannot stress enough this tip when traveling internationally. An adapter plug helps you use your favorite styling tools abroad without the hassle of it blowing a fuse and being useless to you.

Accessories for the Minimalistic Traveler

If your style of traveling is more “backpacker,” fret not, we have the perfect accessories to help keep your hair in place while still looking flawless.

Hair Pins

A backpacker’s best friend whole traveling are hairpins. Yes, you heard that right, backpacker hair pins, hair ties, and clips are a must-have. You can’t ever have enough of these, besides they take up less space and can easily be stored in nifty pockets on your backpack. Pack as many spares as you can as these tend to disappear.


Headbands not only keep your hair out of your face but also provide for various hairstyling opportunities. Headbands can be worn any which way: in a bun, short hair, wet hair, and even if you let your hair down. They come in handy when covering up greasy roots if you’re feeling lazy and haven’t had time to wash your hair plus in hotter temperature climates, they absorb sweat.

Straw Hats

Straw Hats are another simple way to help protect your hair while being stylish. The hat acts as an accessory and allows protection from the sun for both hair and skin.

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