Korean Skin Care Tips

March 23 , 2021 by: Kim Walker

From ancient times Korean skincare tips have been very famous among Asian women. Throughout Asia and even in Europe, people admire Korean beauties and respect Korean skincare tips. Ancient Korean beauty secrets consist of natural, chemical-free, homemade products, which are famous throughout the world.


Korean Skincare Routine 

You will be amazed to know that Korean women make a great deal of effort to make their skin look more beautiful and younger on routine basis. Almost every Korean woman follows a few-step routine for the youthful look of their skin, and they don’t consider this routine as stressful; instead, they take great pride in following a Korean skincare routine.

  1. The very first step, or in other words, the very first Korean beauty secret, is cleaning the face with water without using any cleanser. This is because they believe that washing the face with water only makes the skin hydrated and removes away all the impurities.
  2. In the second step, they apply toner; they believe that toner application will make their skin hydrated. Also, it will help manage pH levels. It will also help to absorb the following products in the skin.
  3. The third Korean beauty secret is the application of Essence. The essence is a kind of hybrid between toner and serum. Korean women believe that Essence will save their skin complexion from dehydration, and it will also be of great help in hindering the process of skin-aging.
  4. The fourth secret is the application of Ampoule. According to Korean women, Ampoule will be of extra help for the skin, as it will help make it shinier and more lustrous since it contains a significant number of active ingredients in it.
  5. The fifth Korean beauty hack is applying a serum as they believe that it will protect their skin from wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration.
  6. The next step is the protection of the eyes by applying soothing eye cream. Since there are no sebaceous glands around the eyes, Korean beauty experts believe it’s essential to hydrate this area all day long.
  7. After that, Koreans prefer to apply moisturizers. They believe that the application of a moisturizer will not let their skin get dried, and in this way, their skin will become healthier looking.
  8. The last step they follow is the application of sunscreen. Korean beauty experts believe that sunscreen is essential in summers, but rather, whenever you go out, you need to apply it to get protection from harmful UV rays. Also, it will protect from wrinkles, spots, dark circles, and fine lines.

Korean people’s tradition teaches their young girls how to take care of their skin from a very early age. It is part of the Korean culture to believe that a damsel must have three things: flawless skin, beautiful hair, and a slim figure.

So, every young Korean girl tries her level best to achieve these three milestones before marriage.

Beauty Hacks

Some other beauty hacks of Koreans are listed below:

Woman in White Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting on Black and Red Motorcycle

Young diverse women in casual clothes with black facial mud mask on beige background looking at camera

Six Shade of Lip Tint

Koreans not only apply things to their face but also, eat and drink in accordance. They consider that drinking barley tea will improve blood circulation, help to lose weight, and freshen the skin. Barley tea is an antioxidant, and Koreans give it to their children at a very early age.

After knowing all the tips, tricks, and hacks of Korean skincare, a question arises:

“Why are Korean beauty standards so high?” Indeed, there are specific reasons behind this as they believe that a more beautiful person will get more success in life, especially in the professional field. South Korean people are mostly in deep love with good looks and perfection more than others. We can say that they are somewhat obsessed with perfection.

Everyone wants to look good, but a good-looking face and body are a must in Korean society. If you are not meeting the Korean beauty standards, then you will face a lot of criticism. In Korean culture, attractiveness is a priority and the utmost goal of life. The good-looking one will be valued, and the one who is not will be criticized.

Bottom Line:

We have always heard that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, but that doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with beauty. You must follow all the hacks and beauty tricks of Korean skincare if you want to get flawless skin. However, don’t make beauty a level or scale to judge others. Your inner beauty reflects higher than your outer beauty. Physical appearance matters a lot, but one must not get obsessed with it. To get flawless skin like Koreans, you must make a genuine effort, just like they do.

Take care of yourself, take care of your skin, and follow the Korean skincare tips.



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