Places to Visit in Hoi An

May 12 , 2021 by: Annie Tran

Tourist destinations in Hoi An are what people are interested in when traveling to the ancient city. Hoi An is renowned for its unique architecture, delicious dishes bearing traditional culture and identity, as well as being an ideal destination for those who love taking pictures and experiencing the typical features of Hoi An. We would like to introduce to you the tourist destinations in Hoi An to ensure you have a fulfilling and meaningful trip.

Hoi An Ancient City, by Trang Ngyuyen on Pixabay

The Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An is an ancient town located in the lower Thu Bon River in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, Vietnam. This is an old town that retains almost all of its antique architectural and cultural features.

Coming to Hoi An ancient town is welcoming the simple rustic culture, reflecting the value of time, life, and the people here. You can walk to experience the town or rent a bicycle to ride around. You will be impressed with the ancient houses that are over several hundred years old.

Guilds in Hoi An

Hoi An was once a big trading port and also a trading place for Chinese Immigrants. While living and doing business here, the Chinese built guilds to serve as a place for community activities. There are currently five prominent social guild buildings in Hoi An. These guilds still have their own architectural styles and cultural beliefs imprinted with time, contributing to Hoi An’s character. The list of the five guilds are:

Hoi An Market, photo by Malik on Pixabay

The Hoi An Market

The Hoi An Market is a huge attraction for many tourists coming to visit and shop. Contrary to the tranquility of the old town center of Hoi An, this market is a culinary paradise that draws in many domestic and international travelers.

Here, you can easily find many local specialities and handicrafts, as well as enjoy the many delicious dishes on offer. If you want to explore life and chat with the locals, this is the most suitable place.

Artisan workshops in Hoi An

Hoi An artisan workshops are a must-visit when traveling to Hoi An. This is the gathering place for the twelve traditional craft villages of Vietnam and was established with the desire to maintain and preserve the traditional values of craftsmanship.

Visitors to Hoi An artisan workshops will admire the beautiful handcrafted products whilst directly observing the craftsmen who make their own products. Visitors can also try their own hands at experiencing how to make their own products.

The An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach was voted as one of the top twenty-five most beautiful beaches in Asia. Just a few kilometers from Hoi An city, visitors coming here can admire the long coastline with fine white sand and crystal blue water surrounded by quiet and tranquility.

An Bang Beach was also voted by CNNGo in 2011 as one of the fifty most beautiful beaches in the world. There are also many eateries and resorts here so you can enjoy life one moment at a time.


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