Types of Visas in Taiwan and How To Apply for One

March 20 , 2021 by: Kim Walker

If you are thinking of visiting Taiwan, regardless of work, studies, family or leisure, you may need to apply for a Taiwan visa. This visa will allow you to reside temporarily in Taiwan as long as you are able to meet the respective requirements of the visa you hold.

This article will help you find out more about whether you will need a Taiwan visa to enter the country, how you can apply for a Taiwan visa, and the requirements needed for it.

Who Needs a Visa?

Before applying for a visa, you should check if you need to apply for a visa to enter Taiwan. Whether you may need a visa to enter Taiwan will depend on 3 main factors. This includes your nationality, the period of your stay, and the intent of your travel.

While most nationals need to apply for a visa to enter Taiwan, there is a list of countries whose nationals are able to visit Taiwan visa-free for short-term trips. The Bureau of Consular Affairs Taiwan has curated a list of visa-exempt countries that do not need a visa if one is travelling to Taiwan for a particular period of time. Do note that if your country is on the visa-exempt list, you are only allowed to travel to Taiwan for a specific number of days — you are required to apply for a visa if your period of travel extends beyond that number. This would mean that if you intend on staying in Taiwan long

term, you will need to apply for a Taiwan visa regardless.

There are 2 main types of Taiwan Visas — a short-term visa (Visitor Visa) and a long term visa (Resident Visa)

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Visitor Visa (For Short-Term Stays)

A Visitor Visa allows you to stay in Taiwan for up to 90 days. This visa is mainly issued for leisure, business, conferences, and other approved purposes. There are multiple types of visitor visa’s, divided according to your purpose of visit. If you are applying for a visitor visa for leisure purposes, you should apply for a Taiwan Tourist Visa. If you are applying to enter Taiwan for business or academic purposes, you should apply for a Taiwan Business Visa or a Taiwan Tourist Visa for Academic Events respectively.

For a visitor visa, there are specific documents you have to submit. These documents include a completed Taiwan Visa Application Form, your original passport, a passport picture, your travel itinerary and ticket, proof of accommodation, proof of financial means to travel, and employment status. If you are a student, instead of submitting an employment status, you are required to submit a letter from your school, stating your status as a student. There are also additional documents which you may need to submit, depending on the purpose of your travel.

Resident Visa (For Long-Term Stays)

While a visitor visa will allow one to stay in Taiwan for up to 90 days, a Resident Visa will enable one to say in Taiwan for longer than 90 days for a specific purpose. There are multiple different resident visas that can be issued, depending on the purpose of your stay. Note that when you arrive in Taiwan with a resident visa, you will need to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and a Re-entry Permit at a National Immigration Agency (NIA) within 15 days of your arrival.

If you wish to work in a Taiwanese company in Taiwan, you will need to apply for a Taiwan Work Visa, along with a work permit. for a work visa, you will need to support the application with several documents, including: a completed Taiwan Visa Application Form, 2 passport-sized picture, passport, health certificate, a Taiwan work permit, and any additional documents depending on your profession.

To receive a Work Permit, your employer will need to apply for one for you through the Workforce Development Agency website. Only once you have received a work permit, you may then apply for a Taiwan work visa.

Students wishing to pursue their studies in Taiwan will need to apply for a Taiwan Student Visa. For a Taiwan student visa, you will need to support your application with several documents, including your Taiwan Visa Application Form, passport, 2 passport-sized pictures, proof of enrolment in a Taiwan educational institution, and a health certificate.

If you wish to join your family members, who are Taiwanese residents, in Taiwan, you will need to apply for a Taiwan Family Reunification Visa. You may apply for this visa if you are a spouse of a Taiwan citizen, or if you are a child of a Taiwan citizen. Documents you will need for your application include a completed Taiwan Visa Application Form, 2 passport-sized picture, passport, health certificate, and a marriage/household registration depending on your situation.

To set up a business in Taiwan, you will need to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa. This visa will allow you to set up a business upon arrival in Taiwan. This visa will be valid for 1 year, and extendable if your business is successful. To be eligible, you will need to have one of these qualifications:

• Received a venture capital investment over NT$2 million (New Taiwan Dollar), • Patented rights

• Participated in an incubator, IT park in Taiwan

• Awarded in a leading start up or design competition

• You were located in a start up accelerator recognised by Taiwan • Awarded or nominated in a film festival

• Received government innovation subsidy

• Have set up/possess an enterprise with innovation capability in Taiwan

If you qualify for a entrepreneur visa, you will need to further submit documents, including a completed Taiwan Visa Application Form, 2 passport-sized picture, passport, and proof of your relevant qualifications.

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Taiwan eVisa

A Taiwan eVisa is available for certain nationals. A Taiwan eVisa is a document allowing particular foreign nationals to enter Taiwan. With this eVisa, you are eligible to stay in Taiwan for up to 30 days. If you are eligible, you can apply for an eVisa through the Bureau of Consular Affairs website.

There are only a handful of countries eligible for an eVisa, including: Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Kiribati, Kuwait, Mauritius, Montenegro, Oman, panama, peri, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, and United Arab Emirates.

Taiwan Landing Visa (Visa On Arrival)

A Taiwan Landing Visa allows foreigners to get a visa once they arrive in Taiwan. Do note that this form of visa is only available to Turkish citizens and holders of emergency/temporary passports issued by a visa-exempt country.

If you are eligible to apply for a Taiwan Landing Visa, your visa will be issued to you once you arrive at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. If you do arrive at other points of entry, such as the Taipei Songshan Airport, the Kaohsuing International Airport, of the Taichung Airport, you will be given an entry permit, after which you would need to apply for a Taiwan visa. However, if you arrive at any other points of entry, you would not be able to receive this visa.

Applying for a Visa

To apply for a Taiwan Visa, you will need to complete, print and sign an online Taiwan Visa Application Form. After, you will need to submit this form, along with the relevant documents, to a Taiwanese diplomatic mission within 30 days. The Taiwanese diplomatic mission may request for additional documents, depending on your situation. All submitted documents have to be in Chinese or English. If they are not, they will need to be translated before submission. You will be able to select a diplomatic mission after you have submitted your online application.

The time taken to process a visa will defer from 2-5 working days, varying on which diplomatic mission you apply from. During this time, the diplomatic mission may request for an interview with you, if they see fit. If your application requires further examination, it will be sent to the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan, which may take longer to process. Once your visa is approved, you will need to collect your passport, in which your visa will be affixed.

Note that if you apply for a visa at a diplomatic mission, you will be required to pay a fee depending on visa.

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Extending Your Visa

If your specific visa allows, you may extend your visa at the Taiwan National Immigration Agency before your current visa expires.

Denied Visa Application?

They are many reasons as to why your visa may get denied. One of them would be if you are unable to provide all documents required for the application. In a case where your visa application is denied, your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and you may be asked for either further supporting documents or an interview.


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