The Land of Many Faiths: Find Out Best Things to do In Israel

May 05 , 2021 by: Victoria Anderson

Israel is a diversified country with rich historical and cultural background. It is a country that embraces all religion with an open heart, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are embedded in its core. Israel is an amalgamation of classic old-world charm and modernity. The country is packed with breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, wide stretched deserts and historic marvels. It is a dream destination for every traveller and has been on the top of every explorers’ bucket list. There are plenty of activities that can keep you occupied for weeks but we have curated the best places to visit and things to do in Israel for you, to enjoy a memorable vacation.


Jaffa old city on Pixabay

1) Enjoy The Lively Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is an ideal destination to relax on the calming beaches and aqua blue waters. Tel Aviv has a rich and interesting history you can explore several amazing museums. Tel Aviv Museum of Art is one of the largest and has an exquisite collection of national and international art from several world-renowned artists. The archaeological history of Israel is well kept at the Eretz Israel Museum. The best way to explore the town is to rent a bike also known as korkinet and experience the authentic flavour of the city. The roads are well maintained and are well connected to every nook and corner of the city. Old Jaffa is one of the best parts of the city surrounded by bustling markets, the Wishing Bridge and some exceptional food options. The city has a very chill, relaxed vibe and is filled with quirk and fun street arts. The beaches in the city are clean and exciting, you can enjoy besides the Mediterranean waters.

Baha’i Shrine by Lemgo on Pixabay

2) Explore The Breathtaking Haifa: The city is filled with amazing landscapes and stunning gardens. The most favorite tourist destination is the marvelous Baha’i Gardens. The garden is a memorial of Mirza Ali Mohammed and it also has a famous shrine. The garden gives you an extremely calm and serene ambience. It is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the garden is also an amazing place for offering prayers. You can also enjoy free educational tours in the preferred language and learn about the glorious history of the place.

Nazareth by Romicas on Pixabay

3) Visit the Holy Nazareth: Nazareth is the most famous pilgrimage for the people of the Christian faith. It is world-renowned for its biblical importance. Basilica of the Annunciation is the most visited place that marked the annunciation of Jesus Christ. The streets of Nazareth are also busy and lined with local colorful shops and authentic food joints. You can collect souvenirs from the spectacular Ancient Bath House. The bathhouse is as ancient as the 1st century AD and is famously referred to as “Jesus Bathhouse”.

Floating in the Dead Sea. Photo by Toa Heftiba Sinca on Pexels

4) Marvel At The Mystic Dead Sea: This is the world’s most unusual and quirkiest wonder of the world. It is extremely salty and this is the reason why you always float in the sea because of natural buoyant force. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the Great Rift Valley. The mineral concentration in the sea is known to have healing properties and has given rise to various wellness retreats alongside the sea. There are several restaurants and cafes to enjoy a delectable meal at appreciating the amazing view.

Market coffee shop by Orna Wachman on Pixabay

5) Explore The Historically Rich Jerusalem: Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and is known around the world as the “Holy City”. It is swarmed up with tourists and pilgrims all around the year. Nearby Jerusalem is the city of David which is famous for its historical importance. The Wailing Wall is one of the holiest places in the world and is visited by Jews from all around the world.

Masada by Regina Shanklin on Pixabay

6) Masada National Park and Fortress: Masada National Park lies in the South of Jerusalem and is the most popular part of the Negev Desert. You can enjoy the view from the fortress by either travelling through a cable car or hike up to the topmost part. The fortress offers you a spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset. The park has an entry fee of 9$ and is open every day from 8 am till 5 pm.

Golan heights by Joe Markiewicz on Pixabay

7) Visit The Golan Heights: The stunning mountain backdrops and lush green natural reserves make it a different experience altogether. It is a complete family vacation spot and you can enjoy activities like hiking, exploring the forest or simply relaxing amidst nature. There are various species of flowers like irises and tulips that cover the area during the Spring season. In winters you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and making snow angels on the Hermon Mountain.

Sea of Galilee on Pixabay

8) Explore The Vast Sea of Galilee: The sea holds biblical importance and as per the Bible many miracles occurred at this very place, including when Jesus walked on water. It is the largest freshwater reserve and is the main source of water supply for Israel. It is the best place to enjoy a relaxing day and enjoy activities like motor boating, rafting and kayaking. Tiberias is a spectacular place on the edge of the sea and is a perfect place to enjoy the tranquillity of the sea.

9) Visit the Ruins of Beit Shean: The ruins of Beit Shean offer you a sneak peek into the royal Roman architecture. The ruins tell a history of the crowded roads, opulent theatres and majestic bathhouse. Visit the ruins of Beit Shean and experience the culture and get a sense of the Roman lifestyle. This place is a paradise for historians and curious minds.

Church in Bethlehem on Pixabay

10) Visit The Holy City Of Bethlehem: Bethlehem is a major Christian pilgrimage, the birth site of Jesus Christ the Church of the Nativity is swarmed up with tourists throughout the year. There are various interesting things to do in the city like visiting the stunning countryside, monasteries and some historically important places that are in relation to the New Testament. The city is under the Palestinian authority but there has been no tourist related incidents in the past that would raise any major concern. However, before travelling to Bethlehem be vigilent about any travel advisories that might be in effect.

11) Take A Trip To Red Canyon: Have you ever imagined what a visit to Mars would be like? Well, you can have an idea by visiting the Red Canyon. This majestic marvel is another world on its own, the zig-zag paths lead you into the carved way of swirling rocks. With the sunlight, the color of the rock changes from red, yellow and white. It is a perfect place for every age group and is one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Timna Park by Ri Butov on Pixabay

12) Explore Timna Park: The most photogenic place in the Negev Desert is Timna Park. The park gives you a peek into the rich Egyptian history. The natural marvel Solomon’s Pillars is one of the most spectacular sites. The place is perfect for camping and stargazing on a clear night.

13) The Famous Valley of Elah: The valley is known for being the site for the famous war between David and Goliath. The valley is surrounded by lush green landscapes and is great for a hiking experience. You can learn about its fascinating history by opting for a guided tour and learn some interesting facts. In spring the valley is surrounded by lavender lupines and looks nothing less than a paradise.

Shwarma by Roxana on Pixabay

14) Enjoy The Delectable Cuisine: Israeli cuisine is known worldwide and is tempting, flavorful and delicious. The streets of the country are filled with food options that simply cannot be missed on your visit. The world is familiar with hummus and pita bread but there are a lot more options to explore. The food in Israel is influenced by many cultures which are reflected in the taste and the style of preparation. Falafel is the staple dish of Israel and is served with salad, tahini and hummus. Sfenj is another popular Israeli food and is a perfect snack for people that are always on the go. Shakshuka is a Tunisian influence on Israeli food culture, it is made up of eggs cooked in tomato puree with peppers and cumin seeds. Shwarma is a Turkish delicacy but it is made with an Israeli twist by stuffing the bread with lamb, tahini, and a large portion of salad. It is a delight for your taste buds and food for your soul. Babka is the perfect dish for those having sweet tooth and love the taste of cinnamon. It is made up of dough covered in chocolate, honey and cinnamon powder.

Israel is a land of history, culture, art and stunning natural landscapes. It is visited by travelers from across the globe to explore its unique attractions. The country has an amalgamation of religion, culture and modernity. The country has a huge biblical influence and it welcomes people with open hearts. We hope that these options help you in creating your perfect travel itinerary. The cities Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem not only gives you an insight into astonishing facts about the past but also makes you wonder the secrets that are hidden in the smallest of details. A visit to Israel is a unique and different experience and it should be a must in every explorers’ bucket list.



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