The Uncommon But Useful Apps Used In The US

April 26 , 2021 by: Leah Martin

With big retail and tech companies like Amazon and Facebook founded in the USA, it is no surprise that app development there has to be advanced and innovative to keep up with the market. These apps are mainly designed for convenience, productivity, and entertainment.


This productivity app could be a lifesaver for you, especially when there is no internet connection. TrebleShot is a file and data sharing program that allows users to send and receive files offline via either: setting up hotspots, scanning QR code, using existing networks, or entering the IP address. Data content can be videos, photos, music, and even application libraries. It supports both small and large file sizes, thus file sizes do not affect transfer speed. You’ll be able to transfer large file sizes in a blink of an eye. Besides, you can pause and resume the file transfer process midway. Just make sure to download the app on your devices that are often used for file transfer.




Instead of using Google Maps for navigation, OsmAnd is a map application with free access to different types of Open Street Map data like offline navigation and trip recording. For adventurous users, it even has contour lines, radius ruler, and compass function. I think what’s most beneficial for a city dweller would be the selection of navigation modes for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Besides that, one can view hiking trails and pedestrian routes unavailable on many other maps. The OsmAnd Live function allows hourly map updates and could come in handy for people especially during the rush hour to share traffic information. There are a few functions similar to Google Maps but overall the uses provided are still more helpful for navigation. The downside is that your battery life might be exhausted more often due to GPS usage.



Heal is a healthcare app that allows easier access to a house call visit with a doctor or other services. When an appointment is made, the user can choose and designate a physician as their preferred doctor. Heal’s services are covered by a few health insurance carriers, like Medicare and United Healthcare. Enter your insurance info on the app and you’ll be able to see the co-pay amount before booking an appointment. Without insurance, the fee would be $79 for telemedicine and $159 for house calls. Note that the app only provides services to a few states in the USA: Washington DC, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and New York.


The recently developed Craigslist is a favorable app used by many Americans for hosting ads for every category that comes to your mind, including housing, job listings, and items for sale. Posting, browsing, and responding are free on the app. The website is very simple to use, for both the older and younger generation. If you would like to participate in discussion forums and post your classifieds, only a valid email address is required. The site is mostly regulated by users. They monitor the content and would sometimes tag posts like ‘best of craigslist’, ‘miscategorized’, ‘spam’, or ‘prohibited’. Before the app was developed in 2019, CPlus was the alternative mobile app for Craigslist. Many users turned to CPlus instead of Craigslist, which at that time had a lousy mobile site. Thus, you might reach a wider audience in CPlus. But the catch is it doesn’t have a lot of Craigslist experience and listings. Heavy usage of Craigslist management is still better on the web.



Level up your shopping experience with rewards using Shopkick. All you need to do is scan your receipt and accumulate enough points to redeem a gift card. Some ways to earn points don’t even require shopping: just walk in to earn points at the entrance or go scavenger hunting by scanning barcodes of the listed products on the app. Points can be earned for every dollar spent with a linked credit card at partner stores. If you often do online shopping, the app allows you to collect points online as well. Hence, you can save a little through shopping! Another similar app is Checkout 51 which gives you cash back for buying selected groceries. The steps are as simple as snapping a photo of the receipt and you are good to go. Selected stores like Target, Walmart, and Costco have bonus points. Moreover, there are ‘gas rewards’ which allow you to earn cash back when filling up your tank. It helps you find the best deal on gasoline by comparing the different prices on the market.


These apps are not that common compared to other apps like Uber Eats, Turbo Tax, and Waze. But they can be very beneficial and help you save time and your expenses.



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