Top United Arab Emirates apps that you should install in 2021

April 19 , 2021 by: Leah Martin

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has positioned itself as a country of the future, so there are lots of technology-based tools available to make our lives here so much easier. From apps to assist you to get around to some that supply fantastic deals and discounts on food and fitness, and even one which will deliver you petrol. Here are the smartphone apps which will prevent you waste of time and money, whether you have been here for five years or five minutes.

As the world heads towards greater levels of digital complexity, the UAE – with its constant vision and foresight – has well-kept with technology and designed platforms to assist residents’ daily functions.

Bringing the economy and lifestyle to a such high level, and using the ever-present smartphone platform, the country now has apps for everything from paying bills to finding an address to accessing your all-important medical records.

If you’re getting the UAE to work, or just visiting, to see what this unique kingdom has to offer, all the apps and website listed below are going to be your best friends and guides. From booking your flight, making hotel reservations, planning your trips, finding the proper restaurants and using the local transportation. Using these apps, traveling to the UAE and exploring its rich culture should be lots easier . (See more on Middle Eastern Food here)


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You’ll never have to prepare a meal again. While there are some meal delivery apps to settle on from within the UAE (Deliveroo, Talabat, Careem, are all popular) Zomato is our tried-and-tested favourite. One bonus is that it uses GPS instead of posing for location anytime, and offers instant confirmation that the restaurant has received the order and will deliver it. Once accepted, you get a reasonably accurate estimate of the delivery time, and real-time updates on the status of your order.

If there are any issues with processing or delivery, a Zomato operator is on standby to quickly intervene on your behalf and can call to allow you to know what’s happening. Careful though, Zomato addiction may be real…


This is a Dubai-based version of Uber. It’s widely utilized in MENA for booking rides. Like Uber, this may allow you to book or schedule your ride. Getting around in a new place is expensive and tiresome; however, their fares are somewhat reasonable.

The good thing about this app is that the cars need to be clean and comfortable. I’ve found the drivers to be usually pleasant and speak English perfectly. Payment will be done by cash, Mastercard or through your account credit.


If you’re in the mood for shopping while relaxing on a couch and sipping on a tasty beverage, this app is your choice. It’s the of the UAE. Souq offers an unlimited sort of genuine products in almost every category you can think of. I ended up buying plenty of equipment online, at surprisingly good prices which were difficult to seek out elsewhere. Cash on delivery and other online payment options through credit cards and PayPal are acceptable, which makes it very easy especially for a traveler.

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Waze is that the world’s largest community-based satellite navigation app that may be utilized in all the seven Emirates. The app keeps on updating the traffic conditions by automatically collecting data from all active drivers who also are encouraged to actively report real-time traffic incidents, hazards, roadblocks etc. Waze will suggest the quickest route to your destination and can also re-route you according to real time traffic conditions.

Although new roads are regularly being laid in the UAE, all the maps are said to be up to date.  The community of drivers is additionally encouraged to share information on local places and businesses. The app will learn your daily commuting habits and might share your ETA along with your friends or associates must you opt to do so. It’ll also connect along with your Facebook and calendar events.


This app provides the official addressing system in Dubai which has been launched by the Dubai Municipality and is that the first of its kind in the world. Every building has been given a ten-digit unique ‘Makani number’ which are coordinates on a map that may lead you on to the doorway. Since there are not any postal codes in Dubai, finding your required location is often difficult.

This app was specially designed for folks that speak a foreign language to simply show their current location and also get to their destination with ease. You’ll be able to also use the map feature which is GPS enabled and can provide you audio directions. The app will provide details on your ‘Makani address’ together with street-level imagery.

Dubai Airport

This official guide to Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International (DWC) airports will offer you all the flight information you would like. The app provides real-time flight updates making it easier for you to settle on your flight plan. All shopping, dining and relaxing areas have also been marked on the maps. The app will facilitate your guide you to your relevant gate number making your navigation through these crowded airports plenty ­­­­easier. This single app covers 50 cinemas across the UAE

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Cinema UAE

This single app covers 50 cinemas across the UAE covering 10 different chains. You’ll see the most recent schedule and book your tickets online. It helps you save lots of time since you don’t have to use multiple apps or websites to make your reservations.



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