Type of work visas in France, and how to apply for one.

April 14 , 2021 by: Tash Boudville

Are you planning on working in France but don’t know the first thing on what you need to do? Are you an expat who’s looking for a better opportunity? Do you want to know the different types of visas you can get in France? Are you looking for an easy guide on how to apply for a work visa? This article is here to help you solve your problems.

As most of us know, when travelling to a foreign country, visas are usually the challenging part of the trip. I think most of us, expats, nomads, digital or not, can agree that Europe is a fantastic place for a holiday and France is one of the best places for romantic getaways. But what about working in and for this beloved city?

Types of working visas and how they can get used

Before jumping the gun, prior to applying for any visa, make sure you have secured a job in France. The last thing you want to do is go through the problems and interferences that come with applying for a visa. And then not being able to obtain work or having difficulties finding a job. The main thing you need to ask yourself when searching for a specific type of visa is how long you will be underemployment. 

Short stay visa (Maximum three months) for expats or nomads

If you, as an expat, plan on being in France for a maximum of three months, the short-stay visa may be the one for you. Typically, people who plan to work in France will usually have jobs such as salespeople work for your company, business conventions, corporate meetings, and even teaching or coaching.

This type excludes jobs such as long-term seasonal work and modelling. Modelling requires an agreement form to get filled out. And seasonal work doesn’t fall underneath this category. 

This type will not be the best option if you see yourself moving around in and out of France. The short-stay visa is a one-way ticket, and once you leave, you need to reapply for another. 

Long-stay visa (Maximum one year) for expats or nomads

A long-stay visa is perfect for people looking to stay in France for more than three months. Typically till twelve months. And this type of visa is the best for people who are seeking to gain a residency permit. 

If you plan on seeking permanent residency as an expat or nomad, this is your best option. Once your year has reared, you can reapply for another long-stay visa which extends it for another year. However, if this gets declined, you must return to the country you were in prior.

Creating and running a business or company for expats or nomads

Are you planning on making a business or a company in France? France is one of the best places to start your way to a successful business start. And weirdly enough, creating a business is a quicker process than getting a visa. It takes just under a week to get the whole permit underway, as long as you have all the needed information. Luckily for expats and nomads. In order to start a business or run a company in France, you do not require to get a visa. However, you will need to seek a residency permit or be an EU citizen.

In France, there are five different categories that your business or company can fall under, as an expat or nomad. These include. 

Industrial or Commercial



Commercial agent


Jobs and the essential visas

Internships – Short-stay visa

Modelling – Short-stay visa/French agreement form

Assistant – Must be hired by a French employer. Applicable for both short and long stay visa depending on the contract

Foreign language teacher – If shorter than three months, short term visa. If your stay is going to be longer, a long-stay visa is accepted.

Seasonal workers. – Long-stay visa. But within the first two months after entering France, you must resubmit a work permit given by your employer. 

How to apply for a working visa when you are an expat or nomad

Before submitting your application for a visa, you must make sure you have the following.

A valid passport that doesn’t have an expiry due in the time you are in France

A report of all previous employments

Must be offered a job in France before visitation

Filled in visa application

All educational qualifications

An up-to-date photograph of yourself (in color)

In summary, to apply for a France work visa, you need to decide what type of visa is best suited to your working time period and the line of work you choose to bestow. After you have decided on choosing the best type of work visa, you need to fill the entirety of the assigned France Visa application and make sure you provide the necessary reports.

Once completing your application and gathering your documents and report, you will need to plan an arrangement to present your records at the visa application center. 

Upon the arrival of your arrangements at the visa application center, you need to present your fingerprints and photo. Once you have submitted all the necessary application forms, documents and reports, you get finished with the France work visa application process.

You have to wait to hear back from the embassy on the status is of your application. This step is where they make the decision whether you are fit to work in France or not.

That concludes our article on how expats and the digital and non-digital nomads can gain a working visa. I hope that this resolves your unruly questions on how you can apply for a work visa in France.

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